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Ultimate gift guide for the exotic nurse in your life

I've been searching the internet for gifts to buy myself for christmas, cause a girls gotta look after herself, right?

Ive found some awesome things so thought I'd share them with you, to take the guess work out of Secret Santas this year.

Here are my top 10 pics to suit every budget, with prices current as of 10/22/23


Starting off strong, we have this coloring book with 80 pages covering a heap of species and even more in depth anatomical focus areas.

Learn while destressing for only $12.09

Available here


Absolutely necessary coasters. Nothing else to say about these. An absolute investment for $15.99

Available here.

Also available in mugs here for $21.97


And how adorable is that damn bunny?

Price $22.97

Available here


Keeping on theme, although this one feels like a personal attack on me.

Costs $11.99 and has 120 pages

Available here


Ok, this is on the more expensive side at $37.04, so probably more a gift for yourself rather than a Secret Santa, but how cute is it?

Available here



Price $12.14

Available here


Another pricey one at $37.01, but look at themmmm!

Available here


While not strictly exotic, there are some funny stickers in this lot.

Bargain at $24.64 for 50

Available here


These are super cute :) Have a rat lover in your life?

At just $11 these are cute and easy stocking stuffers

Available here


Honey, get the fancy glasses!

Im ending this list with the most expensive gift but also the most amazing. Name one exotic vet nurse doesnt need a drink of wine from a flamingo glass after work?

$46.90 for 2 glasses

Available here

Let me know if you have any good finds!

Sam x

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