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Marine Turtle Biology and Triage


Dr Claire Madden


27Th April 2021

7pm AEST

Learn basic biology on Australian Marine Turtles including species identification and diet preferences. This lecture will also review the essentials of marine turtles triage focusing on the dos and donts for the first 24hours after presentation.

Guest speaker- Dr Claire Madden, BVSc (Hons), MACVS (Australian Wildlife Medicine), BSc Wildlife Biology (Hons)

Available Internationally except the US and Canada

$44 Non members

$33 Members

It Ate What?...

Reptilian Foreign Bodies


Dr Shane Simpson


The Unusual Pet Vets

16Th May 2021

7pm AEST

Small animal practitioners are commonly presented with dogs and cats that have eaten something they should not have!


Socks, jocks, corn cobs and any number of potential foreign bodies are removed from the gastrointestinal tracts from our canine and feline companions daily by veterinarians.

Given the fact that reptiles and amphibians are normally housed in much more controlled environments than our companion pets it would be reasonable to assume that the ingestion of a foreign body would seem unlikely… but that is not the case!


With the help of the international veterinary community the following is just a small example of the cases that have been seen by reptile vets around the world.

Available Internationally except the US and Canada

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$33 Members

Lets Not Wing it: Planning for   the Best Bird



Chad Crittle

29th May 2021

7pm AEST (melbourne time)

The behaviour of our feathered friends that share our lives is often taken for granted. However when dealing with highly intelligent, gregarious animals it’s not as simple as hand raise it and the rest will figure itself out. Join Chad as he shares over a decade of learnings in the world of avian behavioural management and key examples of what can be achieved with clear planning and a solid focus on the science of animal behaviour. If your client needs a bird that’s flown off to come back down from a tree or to simply step up from a perch, let’s empower our feathered friends to control their environment and succeed in the long run!

$44 Non members

$33 Members

Weight Management in Rabbits -1CPD

Sooz Beths

8th May 2021

7pm AEST

Pet rabbits do not have the same chance to exercise and expend energy in the same way that wild rabbits do. The food variety and energy density is also different than the options available to their wild counterparts. These differences can lead to a whole range of health issues affecting body weight, dental health, behaviour which can ultimately lead to chronic pain, infections, and premature death. This webinar covers what diet options are available and what should be offered to rabbits to help maintain a healthy weight and therefore a good quality of life. It will also offer tips for trying to help owners understand this important topic and ways to help their rabbit maintain a healthy weight.

*Please note- not available in the US or Canada

Presented by guest speaker- Dr Sooze Beths

Susan Beths (Sooze) is a veterinarian working at U-Vet Werribee Animal Hospital and Geelong Animal Emergency Clinic with a special interest in exotic animals. She is also a qualified marine mammal medic and is currently working towards the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Certificate of Advanced Veterinary Practice in Zoological Medicine.

Sooze started her Veterinary career working in mixed practice in the UK and then moved to the Caribbean. There she treated a wide range of animals including monkeys, sea turtles and sea lions, along with birds, reptiles and small mammals. In 2013, Sooze started working at U-Vet Werribee Animal Hospital and GAEC where she treats a wide range of species, both pets and wildlife, as both first opinion and referral. Sooze has also worked in Ecuador with primates and South Africa with large wildlife.

Since 2006, on top of clinical work, Sooze has also been teaching veterinary students and nurses at a number of universities. She currently lectures and provides practical classes and tutorials in exotic animals and birds. She also gives talks at continued education courses through Melbourne University and with local wildlife groups.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her young family and pets including two Caribbean dogs and 4 chickens. She also enjoys horse riding, ballet dancing, diving, hiking, and stilt walking

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