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The shittiest presentation... A guide to basic reptile faecal analysis

Alianna Munakata CVN BVT RVT APVN (Herp & Small Mammala) AVNAT, CertAqVNT

August 19th 2023

7pm Melbourne time

Faeces are “nature’s gifts” for veterinary professionals.


They provide us with crucial information
about the animals' well-being without taking an invasive approach.
A faecal analysis is a common procedure in reptilian patients and it can be performed as a routine
screening or to assist in a disease diagnosis.

This webinar will cover the following:
- Physiology of defecation
- Characteristics of reptilian faeces
- Sample collection methods
- The faecal examination and equipment
- Identification of common reptile gastrointestinal parasites and artifacts
- Treatment and management

Available internationally except the US and Canada

$44 Non Members

$33 Silver members

FREE Gold members


Crash course in exotics for vet nurses
In person event for Perth Vet Nurses

Samantha Clutterbuck CertIV VN RVN Dip.VN (Zoology and Exotic sp.)

July 28th 2023

9-3:30pm Perth time

Designed specifically for Perth vet nurses, this crash course will provide an introduction into working with these unusual pets.


Setting your clinic up for success with exotics






Humane euthanasia

This presentation will include morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and plenty of time for question time too!

$210 each-only 20 tickets so get in quick!

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Husbandry of Australian Native Animals, in a clinic setting

Ashley Thomson

August 26th

7pm Melbourne time

Please check your local time

Did you know Australia leads the way with extinction rates of Mammals, and we have one of the smallest Mammal collections compared to other countries around the globe! 


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to care for a native animal in your clinic and you’re not sure what to feed it? Or has a native animal been presented to the clinic and you’re not sure how to safely restrain it?


Sometimes we find ourselves in these situations where you may be required to care for these animals either, while waiting on local Wildlife rescue services to come collect them or your vet may simply want them to stay in hospital under observation.


This Webinar will cover basic capture and restraint techniques, food and water options and basic husbandry that can assist them during their stay, it will touch on a small portion of our most commonly presented native animals, and some not so common! Ashley has also put a “Conservation through Education” spin on her presentation, courtesy of her Zoo Keeping Heritage so there’s something for everyone to learn regardless of experience. 

$44 Non Members

$33 Silver members

FREE Gold members

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Alianna Munakata CVN BVT RVT APVN (Herp & Small Mammala) AVNAT, CertAqVNT

August 31st 2023

7pm Melbourne time

Dental disease is underrated, yet it is a common issue in captive dragons.


Vet nurses and technicians
with a great understanding of dental health in dragons play an essential role in providing the best
care for dental patients. Oral examination, diagnostic assistance, treatment and client
communication/education are some of the clinical tasks that nurses and techs can utilise their skills
and knowledge.

This webinar will discuss the following:
- Dental anatomy and physiology of dragons
- Common dental and oral conditions
- Examination
- Diagnostic approaches
- Treatments and management
- Preventions

Available internationally except the US and Canada

$44 Non Members

$33 Silver members

FREE Gold members


How Do I Become a Zoo Nurse?

Samantha Clutterbuck CertIv VN RVN Dip.VN (Zoological and exotic species) (avian,reptile,small mammal and zoo)

September 2nd 2023

7pm Melbourne/Sydney time(Please chekc your local 

'How do I become a Zoo Nurse" is one of the questions I get asked the most. This presentation is an adaptation of the presentation given at the 2023 EVNT conference 'Becoming a zoo nurse'.

-During this presentation I will discuss

-my own journey to become a zoo nurse, and what you can learn from it.

-The Things that were helpful and the things that werent.

-The pros and cons of being a zoo nurse

-The survey results of other zoo nurses and their advice on helping you get a position.


This webinar does not have a CPD point attached

$44 Non Members

$33 Silver members

FREE Gold members

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