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Rabbit and Guinea Pig Anaesthesia


Samantha Clutterbuck


27Th June 2021

7pm Melbourne time

All registrants will receive a recording

This 1 hr webinar worth 1 CPD point will cover the two most commonly seen small mammals, rabbits and guinea pigs.

Rabbits and guinea pigs are becoming more common in pet owning household. This means that we will inevitably be involved in the occasional procedure on these patients.
They do carry a higher mortality and morbidity rate, but there are many ways that we can reduce this risk. Love them or not, we need to know how to provide them the same care we would give a cat or a dog.

Sam will cover pre anaesthetic considerations, preparation, stress reduction, pre medication, induction, intubation, maintenance including normal monitoring values, supportive care,fluid therapy and recovery for both these species.

Featuring special guest Dawn Sheppard from Docsinnovent who will do a ten minute presentation on how to use a V-gel

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Humane Euthanasia of Exotic Pets and Wildlife

Samantha Clutterbuck

Wednesday 4th August 2021

7pm AEST (melbourne time)

All registrants will receive a recording

Knowing how to humanely euthanase an exotic pet/ wildlife is so important.


Do you feel that exotic pets and wildlife receive the same compassion when it comes to euthanasia as cats and dogs? 

This webinar will explains the hows whens and whys.

Available internationally except the US and Canada.

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